Robert's Artist Statement

      A friend of mine once said when describing me that “Bob likes to create things.” I have reflected on that statement and have come to the realization that she was right, I do like to create things. I see it in everything from my woodworking projects, paintings, drawings, print work and other art projects. I have also, noticed the liberal use of the color blue in my paintings, mostly I think because I like the color blue, it gives me a sense of peace and serenity. I always like a bright blue shy in a lot of my paintings. I find in my paintings I like to produce a fair number of abstract landscapes. I like to draw but I don’t get as much enjoyment from drawing as I do from painting. During an art class I took at college I was introduced to many mediums of art work the one I liked the most was print making and I plan on making more art work in the form of print making.

      I try to leave the interpretation or “meaning” of my art work solely to the viewer, in fact I always have a hard time in coming up a name for my art work, many is the time I have asked other people for their input in coming up with a name for my art work, the most resent time I put a request on Facebook to name a painting I did on Christmas Eve of 2014 “Whispering Winds from Heaven.” In essence I have been creating things since I was 13-14 years old I always liked to build models of cars, ships and planes when I was young. I painted my first painting in 1979 the “Deer” which was a paint by number, even so it took a bit of doing and I found that I enjoyed doing it. I then turned to creating things from wood such as a toolbox, nightstand, and a knickknack self. As I got older I made larger things out of wood, like a Wardrobe, Chest of Drawers and a Writing Desk, which my apartment is full of my creations. I turned away from woodworking and turned to painting quite frankly out of necessity, I had no longer a place to make things out of wood and it was easier to create art work in my apartment in the form of painting. The reason I use acrylics and not oils is again out of necessity, it is easier to clean up acrylics then messy oils. Also, with print making the ink is water soluble and is easily cleaned up. I find many things that inspire me in creating my art work, the TV., the internet, people and places I see around me. Many other artist have influenced my work, one artist in particular is Bob Ross, he makes it look so easy.

R.G. Case

            I’ll close with my favorite quote:



-- John F. Kennedy



Charley's Artist Statement

Art can be difficult to write or speak about.  The filters and opinions that obscure direct perceptions are many.  But Art offers a saving grace:  it is a door to an objective “slice” of reality as it really is.

The medium I choose as my 'expressions' and Art, is music.  To me, music is the bridge between the Divine and the more Earthly.  It is many things to different people, but this is primarily what it means to me.  It can produce a state of consciousness that is objective, rather than subjective; colored by our “filters” and distorted perceptions, to some degree or another.

Art is Love really.  It gives Unconditionally.  And when it is 'right', when something inhabits us and plays us, we know we have been touched by the Divine Spirit of Music.  Enshalla'.


C.W. Shipman